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Does GreenSmart Ship outside the U.S.?

GreenSmart uses a global network of distributors that have relationships with retailers in their specific countries. If you are outside the U.S. Please feel free to send us an email and we can forward the contact information for the distributor in your Country who will then forward you to a local retailer. email!

Where are GreenSmart bags made?

98% of all bags, from backpacks to handbags, are made in China. As a result, the expertise, experienced labor force and access to materials is very concentrated. We police the human resource practices of our suppliers to confirm  that they are well above the expected levels found in developed countries and exceed industry standards for their country. Our practice of teaching our global supply chain how to be greensmarter means every GreenSmart bag truly displaces manufacturing capacity for eco-unfriendly production.

How do I care for my GreenSmart products?

Your bag can be washed in cold water and air dried for best results. Wash with mild detergent (eco-friendly, we hope). Your Bottles 2 Bags bag has been treated with a waterproof coating which will degrade from aggressive washing. Save energy by washing your products in cold water.

What are the benefits of choosing GreenSmart Bottles 2 Bags products?

They consume recyclable material avoiding the need for virgin plastics to make polyester. The resulting fabric is equal in strength and quality to virgin polyester only now carries the description rPET polyester.

What is the difference between Neogreene and neoprene?

Neogreene is 21st century science that achieves the cushion and insulation values of neoprene without the mid-20th century synthetic rubber chemistry. The result is a material that we can certify as free of toxins, uses 25% less petroleum products and 25% less energy to produce, and achieving superior insulation value. Making resources go farther is a significant aspect of being eco-friendly.

I am concerned about toxic chemical content, how can I be sure that Neogreene is safe?

To our knowledge GreenSmart’s Neogreene is the only material of its kind producing a toxicity report online. The standards for the report are part of the Nike Considered Design standards which is at the leading edge of defined processes in the fabric/apparel market. Our toxicity report is here.

How can I carry GreenSmart in my store?

Send us an email!

Can you make custom bags?

Custom bags can only be made in batches of thousands.

Can I purchase Neogreene material to make my own product?

Neogreene is a proprietary material that we can fabricate into bags if you wish. See “Can you make custom bags” above.

How can I buy for my company?

For volume purchases, or for imprinting on our bags, contact us by email.

How do I know what size my laptop is?

To measure your laptop, close the lid, measure the width from the left to the right, from the front to the back, and then how far it sticks up from the table in inches. Then match it to the dimensions shown in the text of the product online under the “specifications” tab.

Since my Bottles 2 Bag is made from recycled plastic bottles, will it take 400 years to decompose?

We’re currently working on how to recycle our recycled bags. In the meantime, GreenSmart is prolonging the use of the already extracted resources used to make the plastic bottles. Your GreenSmart bags will not decompose any faster.

How is GreenSmart sustainable?

Our position on sustainability is rather fundamental: every product we buy is consuming resources from the planet. Every time someone buys a GreenSmart product, they are buying a product significantly greener than most alternatives. Greenest is a personal judgement. We have no metric to determine the relative values of green—social benefit, eco-lightness, product longevity, user habits, etc. As a result, our commitment is that we are doing the very best possible to continually reduce the negative impacts (eco) and improve the positive impacts (social and performance) of our products. If you are curious about the social, product or eco tradeoffs we have made, send us an email and we will answer your concerns right away.


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