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At GreenSmart, we try every day to make the world greensmarter. From the designs we create, to the materials we use, to how we manufacture and ship our products, we put everything we do through our GreenSmart filter. We believe that even the smallest of positive actions every day can result in big changes toward a better product and a better environment in the long run. It is a pursuit of best practices for us. We have been doing it since we started back in 1995.

Our intentions are simple, transparent and ongoing:

To help guide us in our mission and incorporate our GreenSmart philosophy into everything we do,

we approach success with three criteria in mind: people, product and planet.

People:                                Social Responsibility

GreenSmart is a human-powered company. Our success is fueled by the hearts and minds of our customers, retailers, designers, and partners that encourage and inspire each of us to do better every day. Through our shared commitment to the GreenSmart philosophy, we strive to be continuously innovative, efficient and conscientious about every business decision we approach. We believe in the power of environmental education and the ability to enable all of us to make smarter choices about our lifestyles. Because of this, we will continually lead the charge to better educate everyone about the environment through communication in our marketing, our products and on the web. To be successful requires the continued healthy relationship we share with our suppliers around the world, as they tirelessly pursue newer and better materials, practices and work conditions.

Product:                                Supply Chain Integrity

GreenSmart approaches and continually strives to make the most sustainable products possible including overall design, materials, production processes and distribution. For us, design is more than how a product looks, it is also about how a product is used. If a product is all form with little focus on function, whether it’s green or not, it loses its ability to be sustainable. Because of this, we make sure every product we make is created with a minimum impact on the earth, and a positive impact in your life. That is why all the products that we make are just that, green and smart.

Planet:                                 The place we call home

We can all agree that less landfill is good, and less energy used to make products makes sense too, not to mention lots of other greensmarter ideas. Polluting the planet for profit is a short sighted business model that serves no one. We believe businesses can be positive change agents and still be profitable, innovative and transparent in their pursuit to creating a better product and a better planet. That is why GreenSmart will always be visionary in its effort to seek greener materials and work with our suppliers to utilize energy-efficient, eco-conscious and people sensitive ways to produce our products.

When we look forward, we see a GreenSmart planet that is sustainable and proactive when it comes to using its resources in countless GreenSmart ways. Our commitment to reaching this goal will take both big and small steps; because even small steps like turning off lights, using less water or buying recycled products can make a big difference when everyone joins in and does their part. Together we can help create a GreenSmart planet.

Our Philosophy

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